Gary Fleurent

GaryFleurent-AgentPhoto As a newcomer in the real estate industry, Gary strives to exceed clients’ expectations. Gary grew up in Fairhaven where he played little league and football until high school and graduated Fairhaven High School in 2002. He started working in the family plastering business and later married and moved to New Bedford. With 4 young children, he found himself moving back to Fairhaven. Having lived there for most of his life, he has a true respect for the town and those around it. After some personal growth and development, Gary really wanted to help people. Having regularly raised money for the MS Society and worked with a non-profit organization to help children with cancer, Gary knew he wanted to pursue a more service oriented career. After being in the construction business for 12 years, he went to real estate school and upon passing his general and state exams, he was delighted to get to work with Neves Realty. Contact Gary at: 508-524-7761